What is CMDH?

Chiang Mai Digital Cluster

Chiang Mai Digital Hub(CMDH), we are a group of people who works in a Digital Industry in Chiang Mai. CMDH operates under the support of Industrial Promotion Center Region 1 with Northern Thailand Food Valley, Chiang Mai Federation of Thai Industries under the Creation and linkage of the Future Industrial Clusters Network (Digital Industry) Chiang Mai areas. Potential Development Program and Linkages for Target Industries Fiscal year 2018.


The purpose is to create and connect cluster networks for develop the potential, how to use new technology to create products added value, be able to support the future industry, to strengthen value chain and support creation of relevant knowledge to develop the potential of existing SMEs.

Chiang Mai Digital Hub : CMDH

Our Background

Chiang Mai Digital Hub(CMDH) or Chiang Mai digital cluster is a group of people who works in a digital industry in Chiang Mai. Which needs to integrate digital potential, also supports and promotes for mutual benefit. CMDH was established in early 2018 and has been operating regularly to date.


Establish and expand the Chiang Mai digital network (meeting twice a month). Bring capabilities of each company to create a new innovation for SME needs.

A group that work between of a private digital group that can be connect with government agencies, such as the Digital Economy Promotion Office Upper North (DEPA), Science and Technology Park Chiang Mai University (STeP), National Innovation Agency (NIA) and many other business groups.

Support to increase of digital workforces with the ability to reach and understand digital personnel. The group was introduced to the educational institutions in the Upper North. We give the opportunity to any students who interested to working/internship with us all over the year.

Drive SME development in Thailand to reduce costs, increase capacity and expand opportunities with future technologies.

Digital industry changing so fast, so business competition is constantly changing, CMDH we are the group behind the success of SME business and ready to move forward together.